The owner and head baker, Jessica Brockway, was born and raised in Bothell,WA. She started baking at a young age with her passionate mother who was homemaker and childcare provider. During her childhood is where she was influenced to bake with the most whole-some ingredients and taking pride in providing food that not only was pleasing to the eye and palette to people of all ages. 

She worked hard and relentlessly to be where she is today. From catering at golf courses, working locally at a farm where she built her understanding of clean eating and locally sourced ingredients, as well as designing floral arrangements at a local flower shop. Everything prepared her for what it is she truly wanted.


20 years later she finally opened up her small-batch bakery and began to provide vibrant and unique cakes, naturally leavened breads, and sought after baked goods. 

Now as a baker, she specializes in natural and clean baked goods  with the highest quality products available; locally sourced whenever possible. 

BB Nest Bakery

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